When sending message to contacts via Contact Action (Automation → Contact Actions), Chatbox enables users to quickly categorize replies / responses. In Chatbox, this functionality is called Resolving or Resolution.

Resolutions can have automated actions that are performed when the contact is resolved. For example, you can easily configure the "Supporter" Resolution to automatically send a message to the contact thanking them for their support.

Resolutions are grouped into Resolution Package — a set of Resolutions and their resulting actions.

A Resolution Package is assigned to contacts that were subject to a Contact Action.


  1. Install the Agent-Facing Contact Action Resolution App:
  1. Install the Contact Action Editor Overlay App:


Opening the Contact Resolution Editor

Now that the Contact Resolution Editor Overlay Instant App has been installed, you should see a new icon (looks like a package) in the upper right hand corner of Chatbox. Click that icon to access the Contact Resolution Editor.